Fixed Deposit Account

Offering attractive returns and a flexible tenure period, this is the safest investment option you can choose.

Here's what Fixed Deposit Account offers you:

  • Ease of opening account for individuals (resident and non-resident).
  • Ease of opening accounts for sole-proprietorship, partnership, corporate entities, associations, clubs or societies.
  • Minimum placements:
    1 month and 2 Months – USD1,000 or KHR4 million equivalent
    3 months and above – USD500 or KHR2 million equivalent
  • Flexible tenure period ranging from 1 month to 12 months.
  • Option to open in either USD or KHR currency.
  • Automatic renewal for your convenience.
  • Easy access to your Fixed Deposit Account through our Cambodian Public Bank branches, ATM or Internet Banking.
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