Frequently Asked Questions

Your first E-Statement will only be available for download two days after your account's next statement date i.e. on 2nd of the following month.


You are allowed to add multiple accounts into your profile although the accounts are opened at different branches.  Kindly visit any of our Campu Bank branches to link your accounts to your profile.
Accounts eligible to be linked include:
  • Savings Account including Premier Savings Account (PSA)
  • Current Account including ACE Current Account
  • Loan Account
Note: For Joint Account holders, your mode of operations must be ‘either one to sign’. When registering for a profile, both signatories must provide identification documents and sign the Application/Maintenance Form.


•   储蓄户口,包括Premier储蓄户口(PSA)
•   来往户口,包括ACE来往户口
•   贷款户口


If you wish to delete other accounts, you can visit any of our Campu Bank branches to fill up the Service Application/ Maintenance form. To also provide your original Identification Card or Passport and account details for identity verification at the branch.

For CPBeBank Personal and Corporate Accounts, please follow the steps as follows:-

  • Click Account Inquiry
  • Choose Statement Request
  • Click E-statement
  • Choose your account and click Next
  • Read the Terms & Conditions
  • Click I Agree to complete the registration. 
对于 CPBeBank 个人和公司户口,请按照以下步骤操作:
  • 点击 户口查询
  • 选择要求结单
  • 点击 电子结单
  • 选择您的户口,然后单击 下一步
  • 阅读条款与条件
  • 单击“我同意”以完成注册

Balance Inquiry allows you to view your account balance provided the accounts are linked to your Internet Banking profile. You may view any of your accounts listed below:
  • Deposit Accounts (Savings/Current/Fixed Deposit)
  • Loan / Financing
  • Credit / Debit Card
  • 存款户口(储蓄/来往/定期存款)
  • 贷款/融资
  • 信用卡/扣账卡

You are able to view the current month's and 5 previous months' transaction history of your accounts which have been linked to your Internet Banking Service.

您可以查看已链接到您的互联网银行服务的户口的当月和前五个月的交易记录。 is a website that provides online financial services comprising of online banking and informational services to Cambodian Public Bank customers. 是一个提供互联网银行服务的网站,为柬埔寨大众银行客户提供包括互联网银行服务和信息服务在内的金融服务。 provides you the convenience of performing banking transactions any time and every day including weekends and holidays. 为您提供随时随地(包括周末和节假日)进行银行交易的便利。

The services are available 24 hours 7 days a week.


The CSV (Comma Separated Value) file format is often used to exchange data between disparate applications. The file format, as it is used in Microsoft Excel, has become a pseudo standard throughout the industry, even among non-Microsoft platforms. Our CSV download is for any customer who wishes to download the transaction history as seen on your screen for later viewing or other purposes. You may use Microsoft Word or Excel and any word or spreadsheet program which support CSV file format to open the file.
CSV(逗号分隔值)文件格式通常用于在不同的应用程序之间交换数据。在Microsoft Excel中使用的文件格式已成为整个行业的伪标准,即使在非Microsoft平台中也是如此。我们的CSV下载适用于希望下载屏幕上显示的交易记录以供日后查看或作为其他目的的任何客户。您可以使用Microsoft Word或Excel以及任何支持CSV文件格式的Word或电子表格程序来打开文件。