Frequently Asked Questions is a website that provides online financial services comprising of online banking and informational services to Cambodian Public Bank customers.

Most of's online financial services are available from 6.00 am to 12.00 midnight. Informational services and financial services such as Account Information and Request of Cheque Book are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Product Type
 Customer must possess at least one of the following:
- Savings Account including Premier Saving Account (PSA)
- Current Account including ACE Current Account)
- Fixed Deposit Account
Note: For Account Balance Enquiry only)
Account Type
 The services are open to the following account types:
 - Individual
 - Joint Account (with mode of operation of either one to sign or anyone)
 - Private Limited
 - Limited
 - Association
 - Club
 - Government Body
 - Society
 - Partnership
 To be eligible for this service, you should be at least 18 years old.

As a security measure, your Internet Banking session will be automatically terminated if you leave your computer idle for more than 5 minutes. However, you must always ensure to properly logout after each Internet Banking session. informational services are accessible to all Internet users. Transactional services are only available to Cambodian Public Bank customers who register for Online Banking Services.

Subscription to online financial services is currently free. There is no access or annual fee levied on customers. It is also fast and convenient.

The services provided are as follows:

Account Information

(a) Account Summary / Account Details for:

  •  Deposit Account (Current/Savings/Fixed Deposit)
  •  Loan Account (Housing and Car Loan)
(b)  Transaction History for:
  •  Deposit Account (Current/Savings/Fixed Deposit)
  •  Loan Account (Housing and Car Loan)
(c) Account Statement Request:
  •  Current Account (request of account statement in hard copy from Account Holding Branch)
  •  E-Statement for Current Account
Funds Transfer (Cambodian Public Bank Current / Savings Account, Housing and Car Loan)

(a) Fund Transfers
  •  Fund Transfers (To Own Accounts)
  •  Fund Transfers (To Open 3rd Party Accounts)
  •  Fund Transfer (To Registered 3rd Party Accounts)
(b)  Loan Payment
  •  To Own Accounts
  •  To Open 3rd Party Accounts
  •  To Registered 3rd Party Accounts
(c) Credit or Debit Card Payment
  •  To Own Accounts
  •  To Open 3rd Party Accounts
  •  To Registered 3rd Party Accounts
(d) Payments History

 Payments History caters for the following Internet Banking transactions performed:
  •  Fund Transfers (To Own Accounts / 3rd Party Accounts)
  •  Loan Payments (To Own Accounts / 3rd Party Accounts)
Other Services

(a) Cheque Book Request (via Account Holding Branch)
(b) Stop Cheque Request
(c) Cheque Status Inquiry (for Current Account Holders)
Profile Maintenance

(a) Change Password
(b) Change of Personal Details
(c) Change of Third Party Transfer Limit 

Yes. As long as you have registered yourself for Online Banking Services and have a PC and a standard Internet connection, you will be able to access Online Banking Services from overseas.

You can only apply for Online Banking Services when you are in Cambodia. You can visit your Account Holding Branch to apply for your login User ID and Password. Once you have the User ID and Password, you can login from anywhere.

You are advised to approach any of Campu Bank branches by submitting the E-Banking Termination form to terminate your existing EBanking profile. Alternatively, you may also contact our Campu Bank Customer Service Support for assistance.