Frequently Asked Questions

E-Statement is a soft copy of your monthly current account statement viewable using Adobe PDF reader and it's for current account holders only. The Adobe PDF reader can be obtained at
Please read the Note section of the E-Statement menu for other important information. Kindly ensure that your browser's automatic prompt for download and file download function is enabled. Leave the file name by default of the E-Statement when prompted to download. You may change the file name after you have successfully downloaded the E-Statement to your computer.
电子结单是您的每月来往户口结单的软拷贝,可使用 Adobe PDF 阅读器查看,并且仅适用于来玩户口持有人。您可从 获得 Adobe PDF 阅读器。

The accounts that are eligible for E-Statement are as follows:-

  • Current account
  • Credit Card/Debit Electron card
  • 来往户口
  • 信用卡/扣账Electron卡

Please approach the nearest Campu Bank branch to apply for the User ID and password to access Internet Banking.


18 year old and above
Possess any of the following Campu Bank products:
Product type:-
Customer must possess at least one of the following:-

  • Savings Account including Premier Saving Account (PSA)
  • Current Account including ACE Current Account
  • Fixed Deposit Account (for viewing account balance only)
  • Loan account
  • Credit Cards
  • 储蓄户口,包括Premier储蓄户口(PSA)
  • 来往户口,包括ACE来往户口
  • 定期存款户口(仅用于查看户口余额)
  • 贷款户口
  • 信用卡
Account type
The Services are open to the following account types:-
  • Individual account
  • Joint account with mode of operation either one to signed only
  • Private Limited
  • Limited
  • Association
  • Non-Government Organization (NGO)
  • Club
  • Government Body
  • Sole proprietorship
  • Partnership

  • 个人户口
  • 联名户口,操作方式为其中一人可签名
  • 私人有限公司
  • 有限公司
  • 协会
  • 非政府组织(NGO)
  • 俱乐部
  • 政府机构
  • 独资企业
  • 合伙

No. Any of the following account types can register for a profile:-

  • Personal Account
  • Joint Account with mode of operations ‘either one to sign’ or ‘anyone to sign’.
  • 个人户口
  • 操作方式为“其中一人”或“任何一人”可签名的联名户口

There are NO fees for registration and use of account.


As a security measure, your Internet Banking session will be automatically terminated if you leave your computer idle for more than 5 minutes. However, you must always ensure to properly log out after each Internet Banking session.
为了安全起见,如果您使电脑闲置超过5分钟,则CPBeBank.com互联网银行的session将自动终止。但是,您必须始终确保在每个互联网银行 session 之后正确登出。 informational services are accessible to all Internet users. Transactional services are only available to Cambodian Public Bank customers who register for Internet Banking Services.

Subscription to internet financial services is currently free. There is no access or annual fee levied on customers. It is also fast and convenient.


A- Please Click/请点击  HERE for Summary of Non-financial transaction via Internet Banking/通过互联网银行进行的的非金融交易概要.
B- Please Click/请点击  HERE for Summary of financial transactions via Internet Banking/通过互联网银行进行的的金融交易概要.