Frequently Asked Questions

If you have problems accessing our new CPBeBank website, it might be due to a problem with your browser. If you’re using Internet Explorer 8, turn off compatibility mode by following these steps:
  1. At Internet Explorer 8, press F12. A new window will appear
  2. Select Browser Mode IE8
  3. Close window, try again
If you’re using Google Chrome and nothing happens when you click Login, allow JavaScript by following these steps
  1. Click on the 3 line icon  at the right of your URL address bar to bring down the menu
  2. Click Settings
  3. Click Show advance settings
  4. Under Privacy Click Content Settings
  5. Click the radio button “Allow all sites to run JavaScript (recommended)”
  6. Click Done
Check the zoom in or zoom out setting of your browser. With the browser open:
  • Hold “Ctrl” key and press the “+” key to zoom in (and “-” to zoom out). Or
  • Hold the “Ctrl” key on the keyboard and scroll your mouse wheel to zoom in or to zoom out.
如果您在访问我们新的CPBeBank网站时遇到问题,可能是由于您的浏览器出现问题。如果您使用的是Internet Explorer 8,请按照以下步骤关闭兼容模式:
  1. 在Internet Explorer 8上,按F12。将会出现一个新窗口
  2. 选择浏览器模式IE8
  3. 关闭窗口,然后重试
如果您使用的是Google Chrome浏览器,但单击登入后没有任何反应,请按照以下步骤操作以启用JavaScript
  1. 单击您的URL地址栏右侧的3行图标  以拉下菜单
  2. 点击设置
  3. 单击显示高级设置
  4. 在“隐私”下,单击“内容设置”
  5. 单击单选按钮“允许所有站点运行JavaScript(推荐)”
  6. 单击完成
●     按住“Ctrl”键并按“ +”键放大(“-”缩小)。或
●     按住键盘上的“Ctrl”键并滚动鼠标滚轮以放大或缩小。

Please click/请点击 HERE for mobile devise what are the functions of the icons/对于移动设备这些图标的功能是什么.


Generally, we recommend that you enable first party cookies to avoid any other problems.

To enable cookies in Internet Explorer:

 Select "Tools" from Internet Explorer menu bar

  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Choose "Privacy"
    • Click "Advanced" from "Settings" option Click on the check box for "Override automatic cookie handling" under the option "Cookies
    • Ensure that "First Party" cookies accept and "Third Party" cookies block or accept.
    • Click on the check box "Always allow session cookies"
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "OK" at the bottom.
通常,我们建议您启用第一方 Cookies 以避免任何其他问题。

要在 Internet Explorer 中启用 Cookies,请执行以下操作:
●  从 Internet Explorer 菜单栏中选择“工具”
●  选择“Internet选项”
●  选择“隐私”
    i.   从“设置”选项中单击“高确保“第一方” Cookies 接受并且“第三方” Cookies 阻止或接受。
    ii.  单击复选框“始终允许session cookies”。
    iii. 单击选项 “Cookies” 下的“替代自动 cookies 处理”复选框。
●  单击 “确定”
●  单击底部的 “确定” 。

Instructions On Upgrade of Internet Explorer
  • Go to
  • Click on "Download Now"
  • Select Internet Explorer (for the latest version)
  • Select "Download" button
  • Click on Save button, and to a directory on the Personal Computer
  • Got to the directory and double click
  • Follow the Microsoft instructions to upgrade
有关Internet Explorer升级的说明

To upgrade your browser to the recommended 128-bit SSL, please go to for download and installation instructions.

In general, we recommend that you upgrade your browser to the latest version for better security features and enhancements.

要将浏览器升级到推荐的128位SSL,请访问 以获取下载和安装说明。


This may depend on your computer configuration which may have problems. We suggest you try alternative browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Netstcape or Opera browser with the latest version.

这是因为您的电脑配置可能出现问题。我们建议您尝试使用最新版本的替代浏览器,例如 Mozilla Firefox,Netstcape 或 Opera浏览器。

For users of Windows 98 and above:
Internet Explorer 8 or higher
Netscape 7.02 or higher
Opera 8.5 or higher
Chrome 29.0
For Mac Users:
Mac OS X 10.2 and above with Netscape 7.02 or higher
Mac OS X 10.3 and above with Safari browser 1.2 or higher
Opera 8.5 or higher
Mozilla Firefox 23.0

Alternatively, the Mac version for Mozilla Firefox browser and Opera browser is also available at their respective websites.
You may also use Internet Explorer for Mac, however in some cases you may encounter certain problems due to certain design limitation by Microsoft for the Mac version.

Windows 98及更高版本的用户:
Internet Explorer 8或更高版本
Netscape 7.02或更高版本
Opera 8.5或更高版本

Chrome 29.0
装有 Netscape 7.02 或更高版本的 Mac OS X 10.2 及更高版本
装有Safari浏览器 1.2 或更高版本的 Mac OS X 10.3 及更高版本

Opera 8.5 或更高版本
Mozilla Firefox 23.0

另外,Mozilla Firefox 浏览器和 Opera 浏览器的 Mac 版本也可以在各自的网站上获得。
您也可以使用Mac的 Internet Explorer,但是在某些情况下,由于 Microsoft 对 Mac 版本的某些设计限制,您可能会遇到某些问题。 Internet Banking is a secure website as we adopt 128-bit encryption technology such as Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to ensure data transmitted between Internet Banking and you is fully confidential as data is sent in an encrypted format. 互联网银行是一个安全的网站,因为我们采用诸如安全套接字层(SSL)之类的128位加密技术来确保在 互联网银行和您之间传输的数据是完全机密的,因数据是以加密格式发送。

We recommend that you only bookmark in your browser of our main homepage address at in order to login without any problem.


This behavior may exist in some Internet Explorer browsers. If you encounter this problem, kindly follow the steps:

  • Select "Tools" from Internet Explorer menu bar
  • Select "Internet Options"
  • Choose "Privacy"
  • Click "Advanced" from "Settings" option 
    • Click on the check box for "Override automatic cookie handling" under the option "Cookies"
    • Ensure that "First Party" cookies accept and "Third Party" cookies block or accept.
    • Click on the check box "Always allow session cookies" 
  • Click "OK" at the bottom
  • Select "General" and view under "Temporary Internet Files"
  • Click on "Delete Cookies" button and answer "Yes" to delete all cookies in the "Temporary Internet Files" folder
  • Click on "Delete Files" button and check on the "Delete all offline content" 
  • Click "OK"
  • Click "OK" again at the bottom
  • Close all Internet Explorer applications and re-launch it again.
在某些 Internet Explorer 浏览器中可能会存在此现象。如果遇到此问题,请按照以下步骤操作:

●    从Internet Explorer菜单栏中选择“工具”
●    选择“Internet选项”
●    选择“隐私”
●    从“设置”选项中单击“高级”
      i.   单击选项“ Cookies”下的“替代自动 cookies 处理”复选框。
      ii   确保“第一方” Cookies接受并且“第三方” Cookies 阻止或接受。
      iii. 单击复选框“始终允许session cookies”。
●    单击底部的“确定”
●    选择“一般”,然后在“ Internet临时文件”下查看
●    单击“删除 Cookies” 按钮并回答“是”以删除“Internet临时文件”文件夹中的所有 cookies。
●    单击 “删除文件” 按钮,然后选中 “删除所有脱机内容” 。
●    单击 “确定” 。
●    再次单击底部的“确定”。
●    关闭所有 Internet Explorer 应用程序,然后重新启动。