Frequently Asked Questions

You are allowed 3 login attempts only. If you would like to try for a further 3 login attempts, please contact our Campu Bank Customer Service Support at (855) 23 999 688 / (855) 23 998 896 / (855) 23 428 100 for assistance.
However, please be advised that the activation is not allowed if there are 3 consecutive reactivation where the User ID was deactivated due to invalid Password. You are advised to obtain a new User ID and Password from any of our Campu Bank branches.
您只能进行3次登入尝试。如果您想再尝试3次登入,请致电(855)23999688/(855)23998896/ (855)23428100与我们的柬埔寨大众银行顾客服务支援联系,以寻求帮助。

We regret to inform that your e-banking access will be purged for security and policy reason. You are advised to approach any of our Campu Bank branches to obtain a new User ID and Password.