Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can change your password anytime by clicking on the Profile Maintenance menu and select Change Password upon login to Internet Banking system.

是的,您可以随时通过单击 档案维持 菜单并在登入 互联网银行系统后选择 更改密码 来更改密码。

A strong password should include a combination of numbers, alphabets and special characters. Consider using a mix of lower and uppercase letters, e.g. A@j6q4Le31.

The Internet Banking system is designed in such a way that your Password is not made known to anyone. As such, our Campu Bank Customer Service Support will not be able to reset or retrieve your password. You are advised to approach any of our Campu Bank branches to obtain a new User ID and Password.

Please contact our Campu Bank Customer Service Support at (855) 23 999 688 / (855) 23 998 896 / (855) 23 428 100 / (855) 23 986 428 / (855) 23 986 429 or via email at for assistance.
请通过(855)23999688/(855)23998 896/(855)23428100 /(855)23986428 /(855)23986429429与我们的柬埔寨大众银行顾客服务支援联系,或通过发送电子邮件至ATM_ebanking@寻求帮助。

The alphabet for Password is case sensitive. Please remember whether you have used the small or capital letter for your Password. Kindly counter check whether your keyboard caps lock is on or off.

You can take the following steps to ensure your Password are safe at all times:

  • Memorize your Password. For security reasons, do not write them down
  • Do not tell anyone of your PIN and Password. 
  • Make sure that no one is peeping when you are keying in your Password. 
  • Ensure that your computer environment is secure. 
  • Always do a proper logout when you finish your financial transactions. 
  • We do not encourage you to access Internet Banking to perform Financial Services from a public terminal i.e. cyber cafe. But if you must, please remember to clear your cache after each logout session and change your Password from another secure computer terminal.
  • Avoid storing your Password when using Internet browsers.
The Auto Complete function in Microsoft Internet Explorer, stores and lists possible matches from entries that you had entered previously. You can prevent any Passwords from being stored in Internet Explorer by de-activating the Auto Complete function:
  • Launch Internet Explorer
  • Click on Tools and then Internet Options
  • Select Content folder
  • Under Personal Information, click the AutoComplete button
  • Uncheck User names and Passwords on forms and click the Clear Passwords button
  • Click the  OK button to save the changes.
  • 记住您的密码。出于安全原因,请不要写下来
  • 不要告诉任何人您的PIN和密码。
  • 输入密码时,请确保没有人在偷窥。
  • 确保您的电脑环境安全。
  • 完成金融交易时,请务必正确登出。
  • 我们不鼓励您自公共终端机例如网吧,访问CPBeBank.com互联网银行以进行金融服务。但是,如果必须这样做,请记住在每次登出后清除缓存,并从另一个安全的电脑终端更改密码。
  • 避免在使用互联网浏览器时存储密码。
Microsoft Internet Explorer中的 自动完成 功能存储并列出您先前输入的条目中可能存在的匹配项。您可以通过取消启动“自动完成”功能来防止将任何密码存储在Internet Explorer中:
  • 启动Internet Explorer
  • 单击 工具,然后单击Internet选项
  • 选择 内容 文件夹
  • 个人信息 下,单击 自动完成 按钮
  • 取消选中 表单上的用户ID和密码,然后单击 清除密码 按钮
  • 单击 确定 按钮以保存更改。
For Netscape 7.0:
  • Go to Netscape or Edit
  • Select  Preferences
  • Double click on Privacy & Security
  • Click on Passwords
  • Ensure that Remember Passwords under Password Manager is unchecked
  • Click OK to save your settings
Netscape 7.0:
  • 转到 Netscape 编辑
  • 选择 首选项
  • 双击 隐私和安全
  • 单击 密码
  • 确保未选中 密码管理器下的 记住密码
  • 单击 确定 保存设置

You can only change your User ID during your first time Login.


For security and policy reason, our system will provide you an option to change your Password every 90 days. You will be prompted to change your Password only after you have login successfully. Kindly take note of your date and time of last Password change and the newly change Password.

This behavior may exist in some Internet Explorer browsers. If you encounter this problem, kindly follow the steps below: 

  • Select Tools from Internet Explorer menu bar
  • Select Internet Options
  • Choose Privacy
  • Click Advanced from Settings option 
  • Click on the check box for Override automatic cookie handling under the option Cookies
  • Ensure that First Party cookies accept and Third Party cookies block or accept.
  • Click on the check box Always allow session cookies
  • Click OK at the bottom
  • Select General and view under Temporary Internet Files
  • Click on Delete Cookies button and answer Yes to delete all cookies in the Temporary Internet Files folder
  • Click on Delete Files button and check on the Delete all offline content 
  • Click OK
  • Click OK again at the bottom
  • Close all Internet Explorer applications and re-launch it again. 
在某些Internet Explorer浏览器中可能会存在此状况。如果遇到此问题,请按照以下步骤操作:
  • 从Internet Explorer菜单栏中选择 工具
  • 选择 Internet选项
  • 选择 隐私
  •  从 设置选项中单击 高级
  • 单击Cookies 选项下的 替代自动cookies处理 复选框
  • 确保 第一方 Cookies被接受并且 第三方 Cookies被阻止或接受。
  • 单击“始终允许 session cookies 复选框
  • 单击底部的 确定
  • 选择 一般,然后在 Internet临时文件 下查看
  • 单击 删除 Cookies 按钮并回答 以删除 Internet 临时文件 文件夹中的所有 cookies。
  • 单击 删除文件 按钮,然后选中 删除所有脱机内容
  • 单击 确定
  • 再次单击底部的 确定
  • 关闭所有Internet Explorer应用程序,然后重新启动。