Other Charges

Type of Charges Fee (USD)
Cheque Book - 25 Leaves


Outward Cheque Returned due to Insufficient Funds 50.00 plus clearing charges
Outward Cheque Returned due to Technical Reasons
(for e.g. Improper Date, Out-of-Date, Drawer's Signature Required etc)
Cheque Collection Within Phnom Penh None
Outside Phnom Penh 2.00 plus agent charges
Overseas 0.25% or minimum of 5.00 plus postage
Unpaid Agent's collection charges
Standing Instruction 2.00
  1. Terms & Conditions are subject to revision at the sole discretion of the Bank without prior notification.
  2. Where incurred, cable, facsimile, agent's commission and other out-of-pocket expenses will be charged in addition to the above listed charges.
  3. Interest rate and commission for large amount of Fixed Deposits & Fund Transfers are negotiable.
  4. The Bank shall impose a service charge of USD15.00 per annum for a Savings Account which is inactive for 12 months from the date of last transaction.
  5. In the event that there are insufficient funds in the Savings Account, the Bank shall close the account and absorb the remaining balance as service charge.
  6. For closing a dormant account after 10 years from the date of last transaction, the following administration fee will be imposed:
    • USD10.00 for a Savings Account
    • USD10.00 for a Current Account
  7. In the event that the account balance is less than USD10.00 (inclusive of the accrued interest), the balance will be absorbed by the Bank as administration fee.
  8. The Bank shall impose a service charge of USD10.00 per cheque for Current Accounts which are with insufficient funds in the account at the time of presentation of the cheque, but is subsequently honoured by the Bank after the deposit or covering of funds by the account holders.
  9. The Bank reserves the right to impose charges for services in addition to the above listed pricing.