FAST Payment System

Transfer or receive funds and settle bill payment in Khmer Riel for products or services in a safe, fast, efficient, and reliable manner, with FAST Payment system.

List of Participating Banks/MFIs using FAST Payment System
No Banks/MFIs
1 ACLEDA Bank Plc
2 Advanced Bank of Asia Limited
3  AMK Microfinance Institution Plc
4 AMRETH Microfinance Institution Plc
5 Bank for Investment and Development of Cambodia Plc
6 BRED Bank (Cambodia) Plc
7 Cambodian Public Bank Plc
8 Canadia Bank Plc
9 Cambodian Post Bank
10 Cathay United Bank Ltd
11 CIMB Bank Plc
12 Chip Mong Commercial Bank Plc
13 Foriegn Trade Bank of Cambodia
14 Hatta Bank Plc
15 Phillip Bank Plc
16 Phnom Penh Commercial Bank
17 Prasac Microfinance Institution Plc
18 Maybank (Cambodia) Plc
19 Industrial Bank of Korea Phnom Penh
20 Woori Bank (Cambodia) Plc 
Service charges for transactions through FAST Payment system
  No.                         Transaction Amount in KHR                             Fees         
1 Up to 4,000,000 KHR4,000
2 Above 4,000,000 to 20,000,000 KHR8,000
3 Above 20,000,000 to 40,000,000 KHR12,000