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Featured Savings Accounts

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Savings Account

A Savings Account that offers banking services at minimal cost.

Premier Savings Account

Start building a nest egg for your future with our Premier Savings Account

Campu BrightStar Savings Account

Campu BrightStar Children Savings Account is open to all children below 18 years old.

Featured Current Accounts

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Current Account

Enjoy the use of a cheque book facility, a much safer and more convenient option to carrying large amounts of cash

ACE Account

Truly a smart account that offers you more!

Collection Account

Fund Transfer or Payment to participating Payee Corporations

Featured Fixed Deposit Accounts

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Fixed Deposit Account

Offering attractive returns and a flexible tenure period, this is the safest investment option you can choose

eFixed Deposit Account

Secure Your Future with e-Fixed Deposit. Convenience at your finger tips
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