The Depositor is reminded to keep the original Fixed Deposit Receipt/Savings Passbook/Cheque Book in a safe place at all times.

Set Off

All deposit account holders agree that in addition to any general lien or other similar right to which the Bank as bankers may be entitled at law, the Bank may at any time, with seven (7) calendar days prior notice, combine or consolidate all or any of their banking accounts with and the liabilities to the Bank wheresoever situate and set off or transfer any sum or sums standing in the credit of any of their deposit accounts in or towards satisfaction of any of account holders’ liabilities to the Bank whether such liabilities to the Bank be present, future, actual, contingent, primary or collateral or several or joint.

As far as the account holders' liabilities to the Bank are contingent or future, the Bank's liabilities to them to make payment of any sum(s) standing to the credit of the deposit accounts shall to the extent necessary to cover such liabilities be suspended until the happening of the contingency or future event.

Where such combination, set-off or transfer requires the conversion of one currency into another, such conversion shall be calculated at the prevailing spot rate of exchange of the Bank (as conclusively determined by the Bank) for purchasing the currency for which account holder(s) liable with the existing currency so converted. The Bank shall not be held liable or responsible for any loss arising as a consequence of exercising its rights hereof.

Inactive / Dormant Account

A Dormant Account is an account which does not have any customer initiated transactions for ONE (1) year and above from the date of the last transaction (excluding system initiated interest crediting transaction). Upon the account reaching one year without any transaction, the bank will classify the account as a “Dormant” account.

Before the account turns “Dormant”, the Bank will contact the account holder at least sixty (60) calendar days in advance informing him/her/them of the impending dormancy and to reactivate the account personally at the Bank’s branch.

If the account holder failed to reactivate the account within ten (10) years and above from the date of the last transaction initiated by the customer, the Bank will close the account and the money inside the account will be transferred by the Bank to the National Bank of Cambodia in accordance with Article 71 of the Laws and Regulations Applicable to Banks and Financial Institutions.

Note: The Bank will offer the prevailing interest rate to a dormant account and credit the interest into the customer’s account on half-yearly basis for a Savings Account or Current Account based on the type of product.