Foreign Exchange Rates as at 23 February 2024 10:03 AM

Currency Selling TT/OD Buying TT Buying OD Currency Notes Selling Currency Notes Buying
1 US DOLLAR N/A N/A N/A KHR4,084 KHR4,069
1 AUSTRALIAN DOLLAR USD0.6680 USD0.6481 USD0.6421 USD0.6880 USD0.6171
1 SWISS FRANC USD1.1545 USD1.1175 USD1.1145 USD1.1745 USD1.0945
1 RENMINBI USD0.1401 USD0.1373 USD0.1368 USD0.1451 USD0.1338
1 EURO USD1.0948 USD1.0719 USD1.0669 USD1.1148 USD1.0469
1 STERLING POUND USD1.2803 USD1.2551 USD1.2481 USD1.3003 USD1.2231
1 HONG KONG DOLLAR USD0.1289 USD0.1268 USD0.1263 USD0.1339 USD0.1233
1 JAPANESE YEN USD0.0068 USD0.0065 USD0.0065 USD0.0070 USD0.0064
1 SINGAPORE DOLLAR USD0.7589 USD0.7311 USD0.7301 USD0.7689 USD0.7101
1 THAI BAHT USD0.0285 USD0.0271 USD0.0269 USD0.0285 USD0.0269

Disclaimer: While every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the rates published on the Bank's website, customer are advised to verify the rates with your account holding branch.