What is new in PB engage KH?

The new PB engage KH provides a refreshing user interface and the following new features to simplify your banking experience:

  1. Quick Login
  2. Quick Action Menu to access transfer or payment feature directly from your account balance page
  3. Share transaction receipt via messenger app and email
  4. Transaction authenticated with PIN / PAC Code / SecureSign token
  5. e-Standing Instruction
Who can use PB engage KH?

You can only apply for Internet Banking Services when you are in Cambodia. You can visit any of our Campu Bank branches to apply for your login User ID and Password. Once you have the User ID and Password, you can login from anywhere.


All new and existing Cambodian Public Bank Individual and Corporate customers (include personal and business platform) who are registered with CPBe Internet Banking can use PB engage KH.

How do I setup PB engage KH?

  1. Launch PB engage KH upon successful download from App Store, Google Play or Huawei AppGallery
  2. Enter your CPBe Internet Banking User ID
  3. Enter your CPBe Internet Banking password
  4. Activate Quick Balance (Optional)
  5. Register your device by entering personal Authentication Code (PAC) or SecureSign Code.
  6. Upon completion, you will be able to access your accounts.
What are the operating hours for PB engage KH?

PB engage KH is available 24 hours, 7 days a week.

Can I access PB engage KH from overseas?

Yes. As long as you have registered for Online Banking Services and have a smart phone and a standard internet connection, you will be able to access PB engage KH from overseas.

Can I access PB engage KH using multiple devices?

Yes. Up to three (3) devices per user. However, we do not encourage access of PB engage KH by using multiple devices as you may be exposed to malicious programs, rootkit or viruses/spywares.

Why do I experience a slow response while accessing PB engage KH?

The slow response you are experiencing could be due to the following:

  1. You are not using the recommended operating system.
  2. Your Internet Service Provider, Local Area Network or our system are operating slowly.
  3. Your device could be infected with malicious programs, rootkit or viruses/spywares.
What happens when my devices crashes or I get disconnected from the Internet by accident? How will I know if the transaction I performed has been effected?

If you are in the midst of submitting/transmitting your banking transaction when the devices crashed or you get disconnected from the Internet, you can:

  • Use another device or re-access Online Banking Service to check your balance from Balance Inquiry, Transaction History or ATM to check your account balance.
  • Contact your Account Holding Branch to check your account balance and transactions.
  • Contact Campu Bank Customer Support Centre at (855) 23 999 688 / (855) 23 998 896 / (855) 23 428 100 / (855) 23 986 428 / (855) 23 986 429 for assistance on the particular transaction.
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